Pregnancy Safe Treatments

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45-60 Minutes

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As Often As Requested

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No Discomfort

What are Pregnancy Safe Treatments?

Pregnancy Safe treatments are carefully thought out facials that adhere to all safety and guidance surrounding the health of mum to be and baby. Not only to they allow a moment of calm and relaxation, they also help to target stubborn skin concerns that may be a result of certain body and hormonal changes.

How do Pregnancy Safe Treatments Work?

Pregnancy Safe treatments work by careful administration of safe professional skincare products and certain modalities to stimulate the skin in safe ways for effective topical improvements. They are also performed with comfort and mindfulness in mind, as the importance of remaining calm and measured remains important throughout the expectant mother’s term.
A specific protocol will be tailored based on the skin concerns present.

Who are Pregnancy Safe Treatments For?

Pregnancy Safe Treatments are suitable for expectant mums who have surpassed their first trimester. 

What are the Treatment Benefits?

These treatments gently work on skin concerns that may have been triggered by certain hormonal changes aiming to provide strength and nourishment. Safe actives are used to provide effective improvements, whilst still adhering to safe guidelines. These treatments are particularly effective for hormonal breakouts, light surface pigmentation and any dehydration concern.

How Many Treatments Are Required?

Treatments can be undertaken once per month during the term. We would recommend not booking within the last 2 weeks before the due date.

How Long Will Pregnancy Safe Treatments Results Last?

Results from this treatment continue to improve after each facial.


Product UsedDevice UsedPrices
DermaQuest Range HydroDermabrasion / LED Light Therapy £95

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