Our treatments have been carefully selected from the world’s best manufacturers to provide our clients with unrivalled results.

We operate a simple pay as you go structure at Eterno, meaning treatments are accessible and affordable for everyone.


Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Our laser technology is the fastest, safest and most comfortable available on the market. We are able to treat all skin tones and provide excellent, long lasting results.

Small Areas* £65 *Course discounts available upon request
Medium Areas* £65 *Course discounts available upon request
Full Arms/Half Legs £130 *Course discounts available upon request
Full Back £195 *Course discounts available upon request
Full Legs £260 *Course discounts available upon request

Small Area* : Lip & Chin, Sideburns, Jawline, Fingers, Toes, Navel Line, Nipples, Bikini Line (only)

Medium Area* : Full Face, Full Neck, Underarms, Bikini (inc. Hollywood), Chest, Abdomen, Lower Back, Upper Back, Shoulders, Buttocks



ETERNO HYDR-O-FACIAL* : The ultimate skin experience! Our brand amazing Hydr-O-Facial treatment will completely restore, rebalance & rejuvenate your skin's complexion. It can fight acne, pigmentation & texture concerns and following multi-steps, you can explore the realms of next level results! Instant improvements that will leave your skin with its ultimate glow!

ETERNO EXTRACT & GLO' FACIAL* : A perfect boost for clients seeking a refreshed complexion, this facial uses ultrasonic galvation to remove surface blackheads, followed by a hydrating LED treatment to nourish and brighten the skin

Skin Courses


THE ETERNO FIRE & ICE FACIAL EXPERIENCE* : The Fire & Ice facial experience is one not to be missed! 50% OFF NEW BOOKING OFFER!

Completely revive your skin with this amazing treatment inclusive of a 30% active DermaQuest skin resurfacer, galvanic exfoliation & LED light therapy!

WILL boost collagen, remove any dead skin cells and make your skin look flawless!

COMBINATION SKIN TREATMENTS* : Our combination skin treatments are designed to kick start a treatment plan or act as boosters in-between corrective treatment visits and consist of a full comprehensive advanced treatment including the use of two specialised machinery/technique methods.

Whether pesky blackheads, dry skin, loss of collagen, skin dullness or irritating peach fuzz is your concern, you’ll love these treatments as they can be tailored completely to your skin and really ramp up your results!

CORRECTIVE SKIN TREATMENTS* : Our corrective skin treatments are designed to re-structure the skin and tackle advanced concerns such as acne, pigmentation, scarring, acute ageing concerns, and more!
We use the three leading skincare lines DermaQuest, Obagi, and Dr Levy to maximise the results you receive.

Leading Skincare Treatments

Laser 980NM Thread Vein Treatment Instant results! Our 980nm laser provides the optimum absorption for vascular cells. The laser beam is focussed in a 0.2 - 0.5mm diameter meaning a more targeted energy can reach the vein itself whilst the skin around remain completely protected. Suitable for face/body. From £150
DermaQuest Skin Resurfacers A powerful blend of AHA & BHA acids that will target and correct mild/moderate skin concerns, including Grade 1 acne. From £115
Obagi Blue Peel Radiance A powerful 'tri-acid' superficial peel that will treat and restore the skin's vitality whilst targeting stubborn breakouts, hyperpigmentation and acne induced inflammation. Minimal downtime and immediate results. £125
DermaQuest Chemical Peels Grade 1 A powerful chemical peel treatment that will target and correct moderate skin concerns, including Grade 1 acne. £125
DermaQuest Chemical Peels Grade 2 A powerful chemical peel treatment that will target and correct moderate skin concerns, including Grade 1 acne. £145
DermaQuest Mixology Peels The most powerful peel hosting a mix of both chemical peel and resurfacer solutions to tackle severe and acute skin concerns including Grade 3 acne. £170

Face & Neck Treatments

SmartMeso Mesotherapy* £125 £175
Dermapen Micro-Needling* £175 £250
Micro-Infusion Facial* £250 £325
Gold RF Microneedling* £250 £325

SmartMeso Mesotherapy* : The hydration treatment ! See immediate results with our advanced electrical needle free mesotherapy system. Powerful skin cocktails containing the purest of active ingredients will target and improve mild/moderate ageing concerns.

Dermapen Micro-Needling* : The world leading skin treatment will correct scarring, texture and rebuild lost collagen whilst tightening and reviving that ultimate youthful complexion.

Micro-Infusion Facial* : The Micro-Infusion Facial combines two of our most popular treatments, Mesotherapy & Microneedling to infuse deep hydration, correct imperfections and help visibly improve skin texture. This facial has been specifically designed so both technologies can work synergistically together so the client has the best of both worlds, really reaching new heights in the possibility of results!

Gold RF Microneedling* : Our Gold RF Microneedling combines the already brilliant needling technology with radio frequency to accelerate results to a new level.
Radio frequency warms up the dermis for more advanced collagen stimulation whilst providing pin point Microneedling for improved accuracy.
This treatment will help treat ice pick scars and pitted scarring more effectively, help reduce even the most stubborn areas of pigmentation and will help dramatically refine open pores, creating a mass skin tightening effect.
It's also extremely effective in the treatment of body stretch marks and skin texture issues.
Body Area: From £350

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments)

Platelet Rich Plasma treatments treat a variety of skin concerns such as skin ageing, hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, uneven skin tone and visible loss of collagen. A qualified phlebotomist draws x2 small vials of red blood cells, separates the plasma via centrifugation then re-administers the PRP into the skin to produce corrective and dramatically improved skin appearance.

PRP using a Microneedling technique: £399

PRP using a no-needle Mesotherapy technique: £399

Treatment Add-ons

LED Light Therapy Healing and rejuvenating LED lights will revive that glow and enhance your treatment results! Add this on to any above service for a boosted result! £45
Proskin Ultra-Galvanic Extract & Exfoliate Gentle ultrasonic & galvanic waves gently remove all traces of dirt, oils and dead skin cells to prepare the skin for further advanced skin treatments creating a beautifully polished canvas. This service is also PERFECT to extract blackheads and can be included within our combination skin treatments. Price inclusive of an advanced DermaQuest treatment mask, tailored specifically to any skin concerns £50
Hydro Dermabrasion Infused serums tailored to your skin are delivered gently, whilst providing a thorough exfoliation. The vortex action can also vacuum & de-plug pores for the freshest of feelings! £50

Accor Plasma Pen

Plasma sublimation is a form of 'soft surgery'. It enables reconstructive skin treatments, such as eyelid lifts (blepharoplasties) to be performed, without the need to go 'under the knife'.

Mole Removal up to 3 moles removed £125
Skin Tag Removal up to 3 tags removed £125
Age Spot Treatment up to 3 age spots treated £125
Upper Blepharoplasty Upper eyelid lift £350
Lower Blepharoplasty Lower eyelid lift £350
Forehead - £250
Glabella (Frown Lines) - £250
Lip Lines/Chin - £250
Marionette Lines - £250
Lower Face Lift (incl lip & chin) From Jawline - Cheekbones £850
Upper Face Lift (incl eyes) From Cheekbones - Hairline £850
Neck/Throat Lift - £500

* Receive £50 off per area when two or more areas are treated in one sitting

Skin Booster Prices

We also offer the Seventy Hyal 2000 and Jalupro Skin Boosters for full face and eye restoration, and have hybrid treatments available too.

PROFHILO 1 Treatment £275
PROFHILO 2 Treatments £475
SEVENTY HYAL 2000 1 Treatment - Lower Face £175
SEVENTY HYAL 2000 2 Treatments - Lower Face £300
SEVENTY HYAL 2000 1 Treatment - Lower Face + eyes + forehead £195
SEVENTY HYAL 2000 2 Treatments - Lower Face + eyes + forehead £450
JALUPRO 1 Treatment incl eyes/forehead £195
JALUPRO 3 Treatments £495
EYE BOOSTERS Jalupro £95
EYE BOOSTERS Platelet Rich Plasma £195
SKIN BOOSTER HYBRID TREATMENTS 1 Treatment Microneedling & Profhilo £425
SKIN BOOSTER HYBRID TREATMENTS 2 Treatments Microneedling & Profhilo £750
SKIN BOOSTER HYBRID TREATMENTS 1 Treatment SmartMeso & Seventy Hyal 2000 £275
SKIN BOOSTER HYBRID TREATMENTS 2 Treatments SmartMeso & Seventy Hyal 2000 £495

* Savings when mulitple treatments are purchased upfront

* Savings when mulitple treatments are purchased upfront