DermaQuest Mixology Peel

Treatment Time

60 Minutes

Recommended Sessions

3 initial (Maintenance Advised)

Return to Work

Within 72 Hours

Comfort Level

Intense Warming & Tingling Sensation

What are DermaQuest Mixology Peels?

DermaQuest Mixology Peels are the highest graded peel that can be performed, just one step behind that of a surgical level. They are designed specifically for the most advanced forms of skin concerns that are persistent, aggravating and insistent. Concerns such as pustule acne that displays papules / extreme hyperpigmentation and highly distressed atrophic & hypertrophic scarring. These treatments are not for the faint hearted and are offered only to clients who are carefully consulted prior.

How do DermaQuest Mixology Peels Work?

DermaQuest Mixology Peels work by combining a carefully applied and controlled protocol of both active resurfacer & chemical peel solutions. These extremely stimulating treatments have the ability to entirely break through the stratum corneum, actively making cellular adjustments needed for advanced corrective results. These treatments can treat multiple concerns simultaneously due to the intricate & carefully chosen protocols of mixed active formulations and it must be noted that due to this, the DermaQuest Mixology Peel will produce an aggressive and visible peeling effect.


Who is a DermaQuest Mixology Peel suitable for?

A DermaQuest Mixology Peel is suitable for all skin tones but only for more presenting and aggressive skin concerns, such as high graded acne, extreme hyperpigmentation and atrophic & hypertrophic scarring.

What are the Treatment Benefits?

Due to its fiery nature, these treatments will provide advanced and correct improvements to the skin, really focussing on actively stopping the skin concern at the cause. Treatments can be completely customised by following individually tailored protocols, suitable specifically for the concern in question.

How Many Treatments Are Required?

We recommend an initial course of 3 treatments spaced every 4 -8 weeks apart, followed then by a 6 month break. A course can then recommence if required.

How Long Will DermaQuest Chemical Peel Results Last?

Due to it being a corrective treatment, results can be long lasting.


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