DermaQuest Skin Resurfacers

Treatment Time

30 Minutes

Recommended Sessions

6 Initial (Maintenance Advised)

Return to Work

Within 24 Hours

Comfort Level

Mild Warming & Tingling Sensation

What are DermaQuest Skin Resurfacers?

DermaQuest Skin Resurfacers are a fantastic treatment for those who want to start advancing their skincare results. Chosen to be effective on many different skin concerns (acne, scarring, hyperpigmentation), they provide resurfacing effects on the skin that really start that corrective process.

How Do DermaQuest Skin Resurfacers Work?

DermaQuest Skin Resurfacers work by actively exfoliating through the epidermal junction in helping to rid of more surface skin concerns. They also have the ability to treat mild forms of acne, surface hyperpigmentation and lighter forms of post-inflammatory acne scarring. They rid the skin of lipid barrier build up which will heighten the production of new skin cell turnover. It is normal to experience ‘Micro-Peeling’ post treatment.


Who is a DermaQuest Skin Resurfacer Suitable for?

The DermaQuest Skin Resurfacers are suitable for all skin tones and skin types (dry, oily, combination), and can be performed on active acne.

What are the Treatment Benefits?

Due to its intensive exfoliation and resurfacing effect, clients can expect to see clearer skin, a more uniform skin tone and an improved skin barrier function. Treatments can be completely customised by following individually tailored protocols, suitable specifically for the concern in question.

How Many Treatments Are Required?

We recommend an initial course of 6 treatments spaced 2-4 weeks apart, followed then by a 3 month break. A course can then recommence if required.

How long Will DermaQuest Skin Resurfacer Results Last?

Results from this treatment continue to improve after each facial.


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DermaQuest Resurfacer Solutions From £115

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