The Eterno Hydr-O-Facial

Treatment Time

75 minutes

Recommended Sessions

As Often As Required

Return to Work

Same Day

Comfort Level

No Discomfort

What is the Eterno Hydr-O-Facial?

The Eterno Hydr-O-Facial is a comprehensive 7 step treatment that will completely restore, rebalance & rejuvenate the skin’s complexion. It can fight acne, pigmentation & texture concerns and will produce instant improvements to the skin’s appearance.

Each Eterno Hydr-O-Facial is curated with the inclusion of our signature skincare line DermaQuest.

How does the Eterno Hydr-O-Facial work?

The Eterno Hydr-O-Facial works by adopting the use of 7 hand pieces, tailoring treatments to each client’s individual skincare needs. The system utilises technologies that stimulate the skin in certain ways to make positive changes to how it functions.


Who is the Eterno Hydr-O-Facial suitable for?

The Eterno Hydr-O-Facial is suitable for all skin tones and skin types (dry, oily, combination). It is not recommended for active acne.

What are the Treatment Benefits?

This treatment will help remove blackheads, unclog pores, exfoliate & polish skin texture, kill bacteria with high frequency, permeate skin cells with ultrasonic energies, intensely hydrate, infuse the skin with tailored serums to help treat acne & hyperpigmentation, whilst all the while stimulating collagen & inducing a strong cell turnover response. It is the perfect ‘pick me up’ treatment, making it ideal before an event.

How Many Treatments Are Required?

Treatments are required as often as needed, with it being a great treatment option for continuous maintenance.

How Long Will the Results of An Eterno Hydr-O-Facial Last?

Results from this treatment continue to improve after each facial.


Product UsedDevice UsedPrices
DermaQuest / Obagi / Dr Levy Range Hydr-O-Facial £195

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