• Chris Bourne

Learning From The Best!

We have always been committed to providing high quality and getting great results at Eterno.

Our Senior Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner, Emma, who has been a nurse for over 10 years, trained with the country’s leading Aesthetic Doctors to learn her skills. Training shouldn’t just be done once though, which is why we continue to invest in our staff, ensuring that their skills and knowledge are continually honed and developed.

We have a complete offering of facial aesthetic treatments at Eterno, and in addition to lip augmentation, we are able to administer dermal fillers to lift the cheeks, corners of the mouth, smile lines, tear troughs and more.

Fillers are often used in conjunction with muscle relaxing treatments to create a more youthful appearance. Further to this though, ‘Advanced Botox’ techniques can be used to treat excessive sweating on the hands, underarms and other areas of the body.

We will soon be bringing you some real case studies to show exactly how aesthetic treatments can help maintain a subtly younger look, so stay tuned!


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