• Chris Bourne

Introducing EasyExfoliator!

EasyExfoliator is the must have tool in your skin care regime...

With four different treatment settings, EasyExfoliator will cleanse, firm, lift and plump the skin, in addition to vastly improving the effectiveness of skin care products.

We love the sleek, lightweight design of EasyExfoliator, which makes it easy to use and easy to store, so you can pack it to take with you anywhere. Charging is simple too - just place on its base station and plug the charging cable into a USB plug adaptor (such as an iPhone plug).

This amazing device emits both Ultrasonic & Galvanic waves to deeply exfoliate the skin, IMMEDIATELY removing all traces of dead skin cells, trapped dirt & oils. Its stimulating galvanic waves wake up collagen, giving you THAT GLOW, whilst also allowing your home care products to work SO MUCH BETTER by increasing the skin’s absorption rate, meaning the ingredients can really get to work!

Best of all, it’s SO simple to use! Only adding an extra 5 minutes to your routine, at most!

EasyExfoliator is the deep cleansing, acne attacking, collagen boosting, blackhead busting little skin miracle and we can't wait for you to try it!

We have an extra special offer for the first purchasers of this new home care device, which will normally retail at £169, so please email for more details!

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