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How to control an oily skin

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

You may like oil with many things – it goes lovely on a salad or with bread and balsamic vinegar – it’s not quite so welcome on the face though! Suffering with an oily skin has its benefits of course, the main one being you won’t age as quickly (due to the suppleness provided to the skin), however dealing with an oily skin can be very frustrating.

Common questions asked:

Q – Why is my skin oily?

A – In an oily skin, the sebaceous (sweat) gland is more active, producing sebum (oil) at an increased rate. This oil naturally then seeps through the skin’s pores in tiny little droplets and sits on the surface, creating that ‘shiny’ look

Q – Why am I breaking out in spots?

A – Because of the increased sebaceous gland activity, skin pores tend to be more visible, creating little open holes. Anything too heavy sitting in these pores for a prolonged period of time, such as creams or makeup foundations can clog, leading to retained bacteria; the main cause of blackheads/whiteheads.

Q – How can I stop my skin from being oily?

A – It’s important to remember that oily skin can only be controlled by products & treatments. As a first step, the skin must be balanced. Think of your skin as a weighing scale, it always needs to be at a middle ground. A good way to balance the skin is to incorporate a regular home care routine, including cleansing, hydrating, treating & protecting products.

Q – What are the best products for an oily/oily sensitive skin?

A – The simple answer is well formulated products. There are hundreds of products on the market but be careful of paraben & sulphate content (always check the product label). Glycolic Acid is an essential ingredient for any oily skin sufferer as its primary objective is to cut through oil, retexturising the skin’s surface. Salicylic Acid is an anti-bacterial, so it works as a little Tasmanian devil in your pores cleaning out any dirt & oil in its path. Both Glycolic & Salicylic are exfoliating, so it’s important to not overuse. 2-3 times per week usage is best recommended. On the days these ingredients aren’t being applied to the skin, gentle aloe vera or fruit enzyme cleansers, botanical moisturisers & zinc based SPF’s will keep your skin soothed & well nourished.

Q – Do I need to use a toner?

A – The basis of toning is to help remove excess dirt and oil cleansers may have left behind. Therefore, avoid toning on the days stronger ingredients are used (glycolic/salicylic) and tone on the days gentler products are used.

Q – What is the best foundation makeup for me if I have an oily skin?

A – A mineral based foundation is always recommended. Minerals sit on the skin’s surface and are non-comedogenic (they don’t block the pores and cause blackheads).

It is important to remember that products can only do so much. Products will provide significant improvements, but if you are looking to treat and correct the concerns linked with an oily/ oily sensitive skin, a professional skin consultation with an Aesthetician is recommended. They are trained to identify specific concern areas and recommend professional treatments to provide long term results.

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