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50% off your first laser hair removal session at Eterno

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If you have ever considered laser hair removal now is the time to try!
If you are fed up with shaving, waxing or tweezing, Eterno Skin Clinic offer permanent, effective hair removal.

Laser hair removal at Eterno Skin Clinic can be performed on a variety of skin types safely, meaning anybody can receive treatment with us. We can treat the face or body, all for the fantastic introductory price of £29 per area for your first session. (regular price £59)

You can start seeing results after your first 50% off session.

What body areas can be treated? (Number of areas)

Face (1 - includes upper lip, chin, forehead, cheeks and sideburns), Full neck (1), Chest (1), Underarms (1 - includes both), Shoulders (1), Upper back (1), Lower back (1), Bikini (1), Buttocks (1), Hands (1), Feet (1), Full arms (2), Upper legs (2), Lower legs (2)

Mini zones (any 3 of the following for flat rate price of £59) - upper lip, chin, nipples, stomach line, fingers, toes, perianal

We have adopted the fastest, most powerful and innovative laser hair removal system in the world, Lasermach, from our sister company Eterno Aesthetic Solutions. Lasermach offers total comfort with its gliding 'in-motion' mode along with unsurpassed results.

underarm treatment after

3 treatments (12 weeks)

underarm treatment after

2 treatments (8 weeks)

face treatment after

2 treatments (8 weeks)

"The results I've achieved at Eterno Skin Clinic have been life changing.

The staff always explain things very clearly and I've recommended them to lots of my friends and family over the years."


—  Hannah, Eterno client since 2014

Start your journey to permanent hair removal today with Eterno Skin Clinic

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